Community Meeting 9/30/21

General Updates:

  • Gearing up for substantial announcements and updates + clean ups and revisions for the extension
  • Chrome updates in the extension is being wrapped up
  • Currently solving problems on the Yup score
  • Creator rewards - to be released next week or end of next week
  • Off chain rewards is getting close (will be out by the end of the week or early next week)
    • It will allow people to scale much better
  • Adding collections to the search function (today or tomorrow)
  • The updated Yup score is already implemented, just collecting twitter and web2 data and adding it to the yup score of twitter accounts to get a more accurate reading of peoples reputation
    • This will enable us to distribute creator rewards more accurately

Non Yup related updates

  1. Bitclout
  • Marketing related thing - framing themselves more as a protocol than an app
  • They have a flow on social tokens whose primary function are NFTs
  • Created a good relationship with Bitclout team and looking for future integrations
  1. Twitter
  • Twitter is experimenting with NFTs and NFT profile pictures. People are getting excited about this feature.

Community Discussion:

  1. Harsh's alternative layout for the profile on the webapp -
    1. Issue: It takes too long to scroll through the entire content of a profile
    2. Proposed solution:
      1. Smaller layout for faster scrolling and viewing
      2. Maybe to try this with real posts to see what it will look like especially with having a couple/multiple of columns for different posts/platforms
      3. Filter feature - It may be quite hard to find content in profiles (ex: by NFTs, by profiles, by tweets) - good idea
    3. Comment Section
      1. Maybe to add a feed where you can see the content cured by the people followed by a user
    4. Use of a new tool called "Coordinate"
      1. Focuses on a specific DAO
    5. Use of POAP (Proof of attendance)
    6. Getting a notification when someone you follow creates a collection
    7. LBRY or "Odysee"
      1. Use of the concept of "boosting" content. Can be used to promote NFTs and profiles on Yup
      1. Good to incorporate the "RICE" score
      2. This is used to prioritize different tasks and create a roadmap - amount if impact on the people you've reached
      3. Impact to reach ratio
      4. This is a three month project -