Community Meeting 9/23/21

General Updates

  • Looking to deploy scalebar reward next week allowing people to vote in full extent
  • Spent a lot of time in onboarding by testing and solving issues around email sign-up as well as improving things such as wallet connect on Ethereum
  • Working with an artist to do cool NFT art and various designs and collaboration for some of our future announcements
  • Important to those in the community who is passionate about governance is the question in the future of what counts as voting power (should it be age, tokens, influence)
  • Will put up voting in the forum soon to gather feedback around these topics: change in creator rewards, liquidity provider rewards, and burning creator rewards
  • We recognize that the snapshot voting is currently not doing a good job
    • We are taking this seriously - what will happen next is hopefully the ability to take the snapshot of everyone's Yup holdings
  • Age and Activity proposal :
    • Changes have been implemented in terms of weights to age and activity

Community Discussion

  • Implementing upper cap on LP rewards per user - The issue with that is that a user can create multiple accounts and that becomes more costly for the bridge and everyone involved
  • The on-chain influence hasn't changed at all but we changed the algorithm for normalizing it
  • The next protocol change is the batching mechanic where it batches different groups of users and content based on popularity which will make it harder to collude due to the dynamic batch time
  • Proposal to make the symbol/design for rated posts to be more noticeable - will discuss with the design team to look into it