Community Meeting 8/26/21

General Updates

  • Laser focused on transactions and resources - massively updating the vote and rewards mechanisms
  • Cleaned up onboarding issues both on the extension and the web app - waiting for the new version of the extension to be approved. Took some time to understand the issues better but most are already solved
  • Working on better withdrawal and deposit mechanism - adding a wallet to the web app which will allow people to withdraw and deposit Yup
  • Moving ahead with embedding the like button on the forum
  • New interface for the Yup Score - started with twitter accounts
  • Moving to a new world soon: Metaville
  • People who are not organized with their voting - prevented them from voting
  • Expand on contributor rewards - Provide incentives to those contributing to solve issues
  • Yup-Axie Scholarship - suggested Harsh to put together a formal proposal
  • Community feedback: Perhaps the solution would be that all the votes had the same value? the thematic diversity of the votes, or the influence of the user, could be rewarded
    • Nir: This created no demand for the token. It will impact vote value - it will be hard to argue that people should hold the tokens they own
  • Concerns and ideas brought up by Pako -
    • Aligning incentives for quality curation - people abusing protocol by creating posts and getting a group of people to like them.
      • Community feedback: In the telegram group a user told me that curating content doesn't make money, that it's not worth curating content if not voting for popular accounts which makes more money.
      • Nir: We've made it harder to earn rewards for getting obvious likes. It should be based on curation - Focus more on original curation.

      Today's Attendance: