Community Meeting 7/15/21

General Updates:

  1. One of the main focus this week was resource issues and creator rewards
  2. Doing user interviews to get feedback on Yup in general, including signing in, creating collections, and navigating through the webapp
  3. Made some designs in collections courtesy of Congo Serre
  4. Mapped out a version of the Yup protocol on EVM compatible blockchain
  5. Lots of bug fixes

Things discussed:

  1. Axie (blockchain based game)
    • Brainstorm: What are the ways for Yup to integrate with Axie as a way to enhance experience?
    • How would Yup fit into the marketplace?
      • Axie items can be individual NFTS
      • Making it possible to rate the NFTs through Yup
      • Curate NFTs on Axie
  2. Blockchain gaming feed
    • Create a feed on the Web App just for blockchain gaming content
  3. Gitcoin grant for creating Yup Tutorials
    • Provide Gitcoin grants to people for creating quality tutorials on how to use the product
  4. Integrate with new blockchain games
  5. DAO for Yup?

Today's attendance 👋🏻:



What features are most important for improving Yup and ultimately product-market fit?



Cross-chain ratings?

More ratings?

What blockchain-specific problems are inhibiting PMF?

Rating limits?

Onboarding friction?

Bridge friction?

Content not good enough on Feeds?

Decentralization vs Centralization?

Is full decentralization worth it at the cost of scalability and usability?

Is there anything worth centralizing?