Community Meeting 3/11/21



  • Should we have a tour or let people explore Web App?
    • Dani -
      • likes desktop 12 - give people tour
      • This is a unique product and people won't get it on its own.
    • Give a nice small introduction to get people to understand
    • Ryan (soldatchristie) -
      • also like desktop 12
      • give people short tour
    • Tom -
      • Doesn't think the filter image is clear
        • Feels like you're filtering likes which is not really what you're doing
      • Likes Whitelist (2)
      • Not very clear that you can click out of it though
      • Likes the tour, but thinks exploring is just as important
      • Doesn't think the tour is necessary on the first page, maybe extended tour at the end
      • We want to communicate:

      • Earn for your rating
      • Aggregation of Traditional content platforms
      • Curation of content
  • How should the sign-up window be shown?
    • Everyone think the slide-in looks/feels better than the pop-up.

Next Week

  • Platform integrations & NFTs
    • What platforms for NFTs?
    • Should we be creating our own NFTs?
    • NFTs as badges.