Community Meeting 8/19/21

General Updates

  1. Working heavily on the Yup Score - started on the basics in updating the API around Twitter accounts -
    1. Taking into account: the duration around the twitter accounts, curation of tweets, follower count, quality of followers
    2. Make them curious/care about their Yup Score and very friendly-user interface
    3. Yup Forum post:
  2. Continue to test out curator rewards on Yup (incentives for creators)
  3. Fixing bugs on app front-end
  4. Onboarding withdrawals and deposits
  5. NFT Marketplaces - curation mechanism for various platforms
    1. High sales, quality of content, quality of curation
    2. Good read:
  6. Requirements to consider a user as a creator: It's going to rely on Twitter, NFT, Ethereum use.
  7. Wallet features in web app level - Harsh to send templates
  8. Axie Scholarship - Harsh sent a google form regarding Axie Scholarship. A Discord Channel/Forum for those who are interested to participate

Today's Attendance: