Community Meeting 9/9/21

General Updates

  • Made a significant revamp to Yup scores
  • Released the duplicate feature for collections making it easier for users to duplicate collections rather than start from scratch
    • Has an option to change the name and description
  • Sorted a lot of bugs in extension and updates in onboarding
  • Protocol - expanding on creator rewards
  • Expanded on integrations - wrapping up discourse and openSea
    • OpenSea - rareable and super rare integrations - It will look something like that. If you like something on openSea, you will see the snackbar pop up
  • Continuing to develop marketing strategy - influencer outreach
  • Andrei will be recording community meetings - Will be posting on Youtube linked to the forum

Community Updates

  • Community proposal: We can add new rating emojis for GitHub -
    • Nir: This is a great idea. Things to consider: How important it is, how much you really like it because it can be easy to support but hard to implement
  • Raw influence vs normalized influence and what do negative influence mean?
    • Raw influence: Raw measurement of your influence on the network. This is used to weigh your likes and the value of your likes
    • Normalized influence: standardizing that and making it understandable for the average person
    • Negative influence: Can occur by how much you are earning vs how much your likes are worth, or your activity on the network. You can come back from negative influence by performing better, buy tokens and hold them longer.
  • Suggestion to set up a community OpenSea account for minting and receiving NFTs -
  • Side panel for top creators -
    • If you are an influential user on Twitter and join, you receive the rewards associated with your Twitter account - thinking about how we want to showcase it
  • Community question: I vote something popular and more people behind me vote and I will win depending on the weight of that person's vote, right?
    • We have a mechanism for this - batch auction system that looks ay the expected return of a specific creator and increase or decrease the batch size
  • Badges system suggested by Harsh
    • Nir: Want to build it out further
    • The idea of using badges by showing people to show the product and reward people for different kinds of engagement
    • Nir: Poap system: - maybe get community members to design badges and give it out to users who attend community meetings

Today's attendance: