Community Meeting 9/2/21

General Updates

  • Rewards issue (claim function) - they were not being claimed to the addresses
    • Nir: This is a mechanism that was put in place to prevent big issues
    • If there are additional post that should have received rewards, encouraging the community to raise those concerns so they can be looked at
  • Chrome extension release - onboarding and voting functionality (manifest v3)
    • Updates on onboarding specifically email sign up
  • Heavily working on the Yup score to make it more robust
  • Consumer crypto - Yup was mentioned discussing topics around curation
  • Testing out different mechanisms to try and build a more robust system to give people the ability to vote more
  • Planning to have a duplicate button to collections
    • This is a simple way of allowing people to start making collections
    • Potentially using it to onboard curators or create collections on behalf of creators

Community Updates

  • Great feedback from drxavi about the castle
  • Request to have an extra warning to confirm deletion of collections:
    • Nir: This is a great idea. Eric to create task to work on this
  • Suggestion to customize collections
    • Have a custom thumbnail or image to their collections
    • Previous suggestions such as tagging collections to a certain category
    • Nir: Will proceed in implementing this function slowly
  • Poll: We want to allow users to turn off passive rating. Where do you want to see the button?
    • Sometimes it's annoying when it tracks your liked on specific platforms
    • Allows people to turn off passive rating
    • We can do both
  • Harsh: Is it possible to set rating power refill timer according to the different time zones?
    • Vernon: This would be a great feature but it would be challenging in terms of the smart contract side
    • Noah: Having a timer on the extension to remind users of the remaining time they have to rate
      • Cryptoleon: That would be great, because many people forget when they first voted with 100%.
  • Is there any update on extension UI? No offence to the design team but it looks dull.
    • Nir: no massive re-design yet, still working on the theme-ing in the extension. Doing a revamp on the onboarding side as well as the overlays clean up
  • Instead of hover over Yup button to rate, can you make it click to rate?
    • Nir: This is a great idea - Poll to be posted on the forum to gather thoughts of other users.
  • Yup token on TokenPocket yet? People get confused when they search for Yup in that Wallet
  • Adding rewards to Yup live - Details of daily distribution would be great
  • Recording of the community meeting on the forum and highlighting important details that was discussed
  • Community feedback: I agree with what xavi says. they take the opinion of the community very much into account

Today's Attendance: