Community Meeting 8/5/21



  1. Creator rewards - developed finishing touches on the protocol level
  2. Continuing a push towards vRAM to improve storage while reducing cost


  1. New design of webapp homepage -
    1. The new version improves discoverability for the new features of collections for new users (which became an evident problem during user interviews that we conducted)
    2. Made this into product updates to be able to make it easier for new users - Still on staging so there might be a few bugs but the functionality is there
    3. Community feedback:

      1. It feels a little more responsive
      2. Page looks better to discover more things
      3. Option is better looking, very nice touch that you can see the collections that a user has


      1. There can be a "Roadmap" page on the main website so that new users can get an idea about Yup's future development
      2. Items in the invisible menu can be placed user the main banner on the home page
      3. "Profile" can go at the top right corner
      4. It would also be a good idea to add the collections of the people we follow on the main page -
      5. Have a quick access to favorite feeds

    4. User interviews with people specifically on NFT artists. Getting feedback on how to leverage collections from actual users
    5. More discussions about potential interface for being able to see the social sentiment, focusing on improving Yup score and making it more robust.
      1. Rather than just tracking engaging activity on Yup, it can also detect other data that are not just Yup engagements that can affect Yup score. Ex: History of buying and selling NFTs or making NFTs
        1. Community Feedback:

        2. Sounds great! some deep integration
        3. Today's Attendance: