Community Meeting 7/29/21

General Updates:

  1. Released light mode for the Webapp - to follow for the extension
    • Clicking the Sun button on the webapp will change it to light mode
    • Default mode is light mode - the same with mobile
  2. Launched the Mirror Feed - publishing platform
    • Leveraging the Yup platform to quickly create a discovery mechanism for the apps
  3. Working on the offline mode
    • Allows you to save the mobile app to your device - baby step leading us to mobile
  4. Protocol side: Releasing a more robust creator rewards earlier next week
    • Allows people to earn and create rewards
  5. Next week: continuing with approach to EVM (EVM version of protocol)
    1. It will take a long time (multi-month) but in the meantime we are tackling resource issues
    2. Heavily working on data to implement a more robust Yup score (make it extremely easier for users on the blockchain and NFTs
    3. Others:

    4. Working on collaborative designs with Congo for different thought pieces that we're making
    5. Thought leadership for people who's interested in curating
    6. Looking to expand the Yup score to account the actions on Crypto - ultimately it wont affect people's raw score but will expand it significantly
    7. Proposals Raised:

    8. Discord channel for forum post?
    9. New platforms/projects you've seen on Crypto or NFTs that you think we should be integrating with?
      1. Suggestion:
    10. Logging in to Yup with username?
    11. Today's attendance: