Community Meeting 8/12/21

Meeting was moved to 11:30am EST today.

General Updates

  1. Substantial update to the Webapp such as changes to the:
    1. a) Home page

      b) Sidebar

      c) Profile

    2. Planning to continue using the updates based on the insights of the community and continue to leverage on those ideas.
  2. Spending a lot of time focusing on being able to scale transactions, allowing people to curate more and add to collections
  3. Substantially working on updating the metadata. For example, Chain activity as well as Web2 activity on the context of people's yup score.
    • Currently, there are just some miscalculations because of old posts - working on this
  4. We're having conversations about NFT marketplace but so far we are leaning in on social tokens, metadata, and Yup score.
  5. Pushing for a clearer roadmap. Working on this and planning for the next 6 months or more. We build what the community wants as long as it is within the limitation of the team and toolsets of our team. The more feedback and insights, the better.

Community feedback:

  1. Great idea, Yup score for NFTs and Crypto Currency


Brainstorm from proposals on the forum

  1. To list Yup on the Token Pocket (
  2. Token-weighted voting on boardroom or commonwealth
    • How it works: If you are voting on a proposal for a project, your vote will be weighted based on the amount of token you hold.
    • Downside of boardroom: It doesn't integrate well on the yup that you're holding on your wallet.
    • When you have the extension, there will be a yup button next to the like button which will be treated as a yup like when clicked.
  3. Integrate with Makersplace (
    1. Nir: Makersplace is cool. This issue is a bug. We need better tests and tracking for errors around specific platforms. It is important to highlight bugs like this to make NFTs more engageable to every platform.
    2. Takeaway: to improve fetching of NFTs from NFT platforms. Goal is to integrate with more platforms.
    3. Community Feedback:

    4. When voting, the NFT is not displayed on
  4. Use treasury funds to start Axie Scholarship Program
    1. Good idea because it is tapping into our treasury as a resource of our governance and turn into actual investments for the community.
    2. Community Feedback:

    3. Axie Scholarship takes time and commitment. Need someone to play and all that. But great idea, could see it working
  5. Discovering new use cases for YUP
    1. Boosting - People burning Yup tokens in order to increase their votes. Ex: If something is very hot, and want to bet on it or put more influence on it, people can burn tokens. Can drive demand for tokens.
    2. Very open to strong ideas. Nir: Personally don't see yup to buying NFTs as a strong use case. Difficult to see the token economics but its a step in the right direction.
    3. In relation to this forum post:
      1. Possible problem: Smart contract is covering transaction cost. It is a limitation to the amount of curation done. Just spending tokens to increase curation doesn't quite drive demand for the token.

      Community Feedback:

    4. Daily rating power is limited per user, if user wants to vote more they can 'BUY' power with YUP tokens
    5. About finding a use for the YUP token, it crossed my mind that when they enable the rewards for the creator, the user must simply pay an amount of YUP to be considered a creator and thus avoid many people abusing this new feature.
    6. And if you have few YUP you should pay more, if you have 1000 YUP the cost should be less, that would increase the users to have YUP in their accounts.
    7. Nir: Only concern is it makes the rich, richer.
    8. Community Feedback:

    9. I mentioned it in the forum in other words, the YUP team should find out how much is the cost for those transactions and so the user pays for the resources used.
    10. Appreciate the transparency and the community. Cool project!
    11. Today's Attendance: