Community Meeting 9/16/21

General Updates

  • Tail end of the massive increase of rewards mechanism - allowing users to 50 likes and votes a day
  • Tracking a lot of web2 transactions - likes of other influential twitter accounts, to allow people to do more
  • Wrapping up creator rewards and yup score stuff for Twitter content
  • Solving issues around negative influence and how it impacts an individual
    • Communication - lack of documentation/clarification of negative influence
    • Will make it easier for users to understand changes made in the protocol
  • Changing the relationship about age and activity by putting more weight on age and modify the formula on the activity
  • Clean ups on onboarding, bridge UI and extension
    • Extension - Facing challenges in extension (chromestore) requiring all to user to use manifest v3 lengthening approval times for v2 chrome extensions
  • Internal fundraising - goals to get awesome people onboard
  • Eager to involve people on the platform , leverage yup and integrate yup on their own platform
  • Been doing a lot of influencer outreach and relations
    • Building relationships with a lot of NFT artists in the space
    • Several partnerships in the next coming months
  • Tail-end of a very clear road map
    • A longer roadmap to show the users and a place we are hosting it
    • Vision of what the next year or a year and half would look like

Community Updates/Proposals

  • Great proposals from Harsh and Andrei in the app level around diversity of curation
  • Proposal from Andrei:
    • The idea is for users to vote on anything he/she wants - 2 types of votes: one rewarded and one that is not
    • App made by Andrei to check Yup Protocol:
  • Blake: Yup is not only an overlay social network, but also can be a underlay network, to building its own contents
    • Nir: Content can be created on Yup or putting together content together to put up a new content

Today's attendance: