Community Meeting 7/22/21

General Updates:


  • Focusing a lot on the user feedbacks from the outreach
  • Light mode version of webapp (as per harsh's request)
  • Offline version of Yup
  • Revamp of styling across the board
  • Bug fixes in the extension
  • Onboarding


  • Very close to releasing an updated version of creator rewards (scale resources of people's voting power + additional activities that we can track)
  • Planning to expand Yup score (Ex: YT subscribers/followers, views, Snapchat votes etc...) More robust and accurate web score
    • Won't affect or give anyone additional rating power but will increase how others will see their reputation (easy to use, all-in-one Yup score)
  • Search bar to put identifiers and clear Yup score associated with it
    • Become a de facto yup score mechanism for different communities and entities
    • First step is to collect enough data to have an accurate score


  • Working on new feed on Mirror publications
  • Not a lot of discoverability on Mirror articles and Yup is well positioned on curation platform
  • A lot of updates on product side and protocol front

Things discussed/Proposals:

  1. Axie talk - prices/sales
    • Create a gaming feed (to get more thoughts on this on the forum)
  2. Have a "creators" tab
    • Tab where all the creators who "joined" yup can curate/post/share their Art and people can follow, share, buy, offer for their Art
    • If a person is given creator status they should ideally enable creator rewards for content created, that would attract creators
    • Some need followers, popularity, exposure or relevance somewhere
    • All the curated content right now is a mess. Everything is at one place. Instead of dropdown menu of categories maybe make it clean, minimal and good looking. Have categories of content curated
      • Leaderboard will be different where daily/weekly/monthly/all-time curated content can be ranked
      • No dropdown menu at all, just make buttons
      • Dropdown menu are too much finding and clicking
  3. General feed of curation to be based on:
  4. a) Recently curated on Yup

    b) Further applying filters like recently curated on YT/Twitter/Reddit/web and so on

  5. Yup having a lot of potential for a hypothetical NFT market
  6. Airdrop Yup to rising creators with lock up period to sell them
    • Noah: Target people who would actually utilize the small or large amount of Yup that we're sending them
  7. Creating a contract that will send token to their account once lockup period is over. Till then it will only show as balance on their Yup Profile

Additional notes:

  • Migration is a priority.
  • Today's attendance 👋🏻: