Upgrade Proposal Template




This proposal is intended for the community to achieve consensus on the use of Boardroom as our main portal for governance and discourse, given the monthly $500 fee (in YUP). Boardroom is a new platform that utilizes snapshot governance, forum/calendar features, and more to give an all-in-one protocol/dao governance experience to communities and individuals.


  • Make better asynchronous community decisions.
  • Governance process should be transparent and clear.
  • Encourage contribution and involvement.
  • Make sure opposing views can be heard and considered.
  • Make sure a proposal is technically feasible.
  • Keep the governance process moving and free of gridlock.


  • Opportunity
    • Proposals will be standardized and decision making can be more effective.
    • Increased Transparency and increased accessibility to “informed” Governance.


  • Timeline: 3 months

Funding Request - Yes - Implementation requires funding

In order to utilize Boardroom, we propose paying Boardroom $500 in YUP every month for 3 months for their governance treasury.

  • ~$500 in YUP (7-day average price based on Uniswap YUP/ETH pair)
  • Delivery: 1st of March, April, and May
  • Payer: Yup Treasury (treasury.yup.eth)